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Today in History: The Legendary Super Storm: Part 1

It all started with a few sun spots that turned into a world-wide catastrophe as astronomer Richard Carrington looked up towards the sun through his telescope in his observatory to find sunspots on the surface of the sun. September 1, 1859 marked the day “technology” stopped doing its technological thing. Lights burst from those spots and within hours their impact would be felt across the globe.

The, well-known in that time period, telegraph devices began to fail or shut down and sparks began flying. Carrington saw the true cause of these happens, which was a solar flare that contained the power of 10 billion atomic bombs according to history.com. A geomagnetic storm also resulted from this that was famously named the Carrington Event. It became the largest solar flare that has hit the planet, which, I guess, would suggest there have been others. (I know what I’m looking up tonight.)

Research done with history.com