• Sophomore Rachel Jowers and Freshman Taylor

Dunkin Donuts Food Critique

Rachel: Eeeeeeeeeew! Who came up with the idea of sour cream donuts?!

Taylor: I don't know why you said eww, they were amazing!

Rachel: They were OKAY, but why would someone call them such a disgusting thing?

Taylor: Sour Cream is really good so it's really a good name.

Rachel: If you think so... we are all allowed to have our own opinions... even if they are rather ridiculous.

Taylor: Well I thought the glazed donuts were honestly not that good. There are better glazed in Cairo.

Rachel: So true so true, the cake donuts are much better though, that chocolate amazingness... I'll stop before I go off topic.

Taylor: Wow something we can agree on, and yes stop there.

Rachel: the glaze was just... off.

Destiny: The donuts in my opinion were overcooked, and I agree that they were not glazed right. I prefer Syrup City Donuts better.

Rachel: I can agree on that! *gets ready for long advertisement message* --- Syru--

Taylor: *cuts her off shortens it up to one sentence* If you want a good quality doughnut that's local go to Syrup City Donuts.But, if you want a good cake doughnut or chocolate glazed then go to Dunkin Donuts.

Rachel: What she said...