• Senior Kaitlyn Berry, Sophomore, Rachel Jowers

Suicide Squad takes on the world as “The Worst Heroes Ever”

“From the introduction of the characters to the final credits, Suicide Squad enraptured me as I watched with thrilling satisfaction.” those are the words a fellow CHS student said.

The anticipation of Suicide Squad was excruciating as we, along with our peers, waited with painstaking patience for the “Worst Heroes Ever” to take on the big screen.

The Cast consisted of Harley Quinn, DeadShot, Joker, Slipknot, Killer Croc, Captain Boomerang, Enchantress, El Diablo, Amanda Waller, Katana, and Colonel Rick Flagg. Each brought their own sense of humor to the table, in the comedic action thriller.

Love is in the air… or rather in a boiling pit of oil! That is how we would describe the biggest power couple in 2016. With the Joker’s good looks, and psychotic personality; He’s the perfect match for the wild and fearless Harley Quinn. Harley Quinn started off as a therapist at Arkham Asylum, whose patient happened to be the infamous clown himself. As he himself, drove Harleen Quinzel to her own world of blissful, insanity. Despite their best interests and there selfish personalities, they stick with each other as the most recognized villainous (cute, adorable, enviable, etc) couple ever existed.

Amanda Waller may in fact be crazier than any of them, but we're not supposed to tell you that... anyway Amanda Waller sets up these crazy villainous vigilantes in a way that will probably blow the minds of the dense ones. While this movie gives the first impression of being inappropriate, ( which it is) It is still worth every penny... Just leave your kids at home. we are not the kind of people who spoil popular and anticipated movies so we will leave you to find out what happens in Suicide Squad, "The Worst Heroes Ever."

The Cairo Zebulon is showing: SUICIDE SQUAD (PG-13)​​

ALL Tickets Only $5.00! SHOWTIMES: ​​​​​August 26th - September 1st. Friday 7:30, Saturday, Sunday 1:00, 4:00, 7:30 Monday, Thursday 7:30. Closed Tuesday and Wednesday​