• Senior, Kaitlyn Berry & Sophomore, Rachel Jowers

CHS New Teachers

We have some interesting new teachers this year at Cairo High; who own pets ranging from cats to an army of dust bunnies, from happily married educators to thankfully single teachers. There are a few who don’t give a tailfire about sports, and others who are the fanatic Georgia Bulldogs fan or the fanatic FSU fans. Ms. Virgil partakes in a lovely computerized game experience… “TOMB RAIDER!”while, Mr. Skeen was in the movie Zombieland and played basketball with Woody Harrelson. Coach McLendon has a twin brother (who has a twin brother? Isn’t that cool?) Ms. Clark has lived in Spain (makes sense though right?) and to our surprise Ms. Tracy Williams ( our school nurse) originally never planned on being a nurse because she was afraid of needles!

CHS has quite a wide variety of music preferences among the new teachers at Cairo High School, such thing as hard rock, reggae, gospel, and Etc. For example; Mr. Adam Swan enjoys all types of music, Ms. Sarah Kate Clark is really into the alternative type. Although, Ms. Virgil prefers anything from the 90’s era, Mrs. Meissner gets her thrills from old fashioned musicals!

We have family men, eligible bachelors/Bachelorettes, dedicated worker bees, and free souls in the variety of personalities that we call our teachers,as well as different tastes in sports teams! While Coach McLendon is awesome, and supports the Florida State Seminoles! we support her decision to cheer for the Cleveland Cavaliers as well. We will also tolerate Mr. Skeen’s support of the University of Alabama, But we will fully and enthusiastically approve of his preference for the New Orleans Saints. All of the obvious sins of college football support can be forgiven, when we all agree that the Cairo High School Syrupmakers are the best!

TV is one of the most used things in the world, and our teachers have some good tastes in their favorites, for example: Ms. Lynn Davis likes dramas and series, Mrs. Malinda Dean loves the Walking Dead/Scandal/Grey’s Anatomy, Mr. Jeremy Edwards likes sport shows, Mr. Taulbee Likes the big bang theory, Mrs. Cindy WIlliams likes Highlander, Ms. Franquiz likes nature shows and documentaries, Mrs. Regina Thompson likes Power, and Ms. Tracy Williams likes cooking shows.

The CHS Red and Black would like to thank all of the new teachers for doing what they do in making generations grow, and for helping build morals.

*The List of New Teachers/ Subjects*

  • Brad Almon- PE/Heath

  • Royale Armstrong- Science

  • Nekita Bentley- Sp. ED

  • Jared Clark- Agriculture

  • Sarah Kate Clark- Spanish

  • John’ta Clark- Science

  • Lynn Davis- Art

  • Vanessa Dawson- Sp. ED

  • Malinda Dean- Counselor

  • Harold Edwards- Science

  • Jeremy Edwards- ISS

  • Myrna Franquiz- Spanish

  • Ansu Mason- Grady Education Center

  • Daphne Melissa McLendon- PE/Heath

  • Katie Meissner- Math

  • John Carter Skeen- History

  • Adam Swan- Band

  • Isaiah Taulbee- Grady Education Center

  • Regina Thompson- Sp. ED

  • Maria Villagrana- Spanish

  • Sherie Virgil- English

  • Cindy Williams- Counselor

  • Tracy Williams- Nurse