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Today in History: Who Holds the World Record?

First Guinness Book of World Records

Pages from Guinness Book of World Records

StartFragmentA man by the name of Sir Hugh Beaver, along with his hunting party, go, well, hunting and fail to capture a golden plover, a very fast game bird. After their failure, Beaver discusses with his party about what the fastest game bird was. This sparked an idea in his head. Since there were no records for the answer to their question, Beaver decided to have a book made featuring the amazing and incredible feats of both humans and the animals that roam the earth.

Thanks to twin brothers Beaver hired, ninety hours a week for fourteen weeks had paid off. August 27, 1955 is the date that the first ever Guinness Book of World Records was ever created. At first, the book was free, but due to its popularity, it began being sold and became a best-seller according to history.com. The brothers that made the book, Norris and Ross McWhirter, traveled the world to search for and record the greatest things that amazed and will amaze the public. When one of the brothers,Ross, died in 1975 to Irish Republican Army gunmen, the other continued to edit the book until his death in 1986.

On writersalmanac.org, it is said “Beaver intended the book solely as a marketing gimmick.” He never expected money for the book, but eventually, the book cost five shillings and, in just the first week, they sold 10,000 copies of the, now, very famous book. Today marks the 60th Anniversary of the Guinness Book of World Records. To this day, this book holds the greatest record-holders and their accomplishments.

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