• Bailey and Madison

Tired Creek Lake Project

Lake Manager, Mike Binion

Tired Creek lake filling up, will be done soon

Thanks to Mike Binion, Tired Creek Lake Manager, we now have a recreational 960-acre fishing lake. Four creeks come together to form this lake; Buss, Black, Sapp and of course Tired Creek. It took over 50 years before they could even begin to put the project into action. The county used a 15-million dollar bond for the lake project. According to times enterprise the plan was supposed to be twelve hundred acres instead of nine-hundred sixty acres. The first plan was supposed to have a state park but the new plan developed in 1997 has only a lake surrounded by county land that in the future will be used for real estate. Only about fifty acres is visible from highway 112. They had to wait over sixteen years to get a permit to build and fill the lake from the U.S army corps.

*UPDATE: Later to come when I find out more information*