• Madison Campbell

The thorns of Xena : chapter 1

The roar of sirens and pounding of shoes on tile made me terrified. I could sense a slight breeze grazing my face as I rolled through the blinding corridor. The hollers of doctors and nurses nearly busted my ear drums. I tried to open my eyes but they were sealed shut and as for my body, I could no longer move my limbs. If I tried a slight tingle would run through my nerves. All I could do was try to process who was speaking. I wanted to observe my body so badly but, I knew if I opened my eyes I would surely go into shock. Again. I began to pray hoping I wasn't paralyzed, the thought of not ever being able to walk again was frightening. Most of my feeling was gone accept for a small portion tingling back into my arms. Just as it fully returned a sharp needle dug into my flesh making me yelp in surprise. My hearing instantly began to dwindle and my muscles relaxed releasing the tension in my arms and legs. The voices of the nurses seemed to come from a different room but I caught a shadow in the corner of my vision, realizing they were right beside me. The Doctor and the nurse began to argue, sending me in a state of panic. Was this really the end of my life? So young and so fragile. Would this really be the end of me? The screaming and fighting grew louder. "You gave ...her the.... Thing, what were ...thinking?" I tried so hard to grasp every word they said and every word I missed left troubling questions in my mind. "This could save ... lives, isn't that what we ... save lives?" "It hasn't even ... tested yet ...we don't ... the effects of it" The females voice caught me off guard, so I fought the drowsiness while trying to fill in the blanks . "Keep her sedated ... we can figure ... out" The man who had injected me with the needle had agreed before the clacking of his shoes drew near. His presence loomed over me and I could sense him hovering over my weak body. I stifled a moan from deep within my throat making him jump back. "She's awake!" the man said stiffly. "Of course she is you idiot you haven't sedated her yet!" The man let out a deep breath he didn't know he was holding in. "Well what are you waiting for?" The nurse said sternly. The doctor grasped my forearm ready to plunge the needle in my vein. I wanted to scream and fight but I knew my limbs wouldn't cooperate. I felt a small pinch as the piercing needle plunged into my flesh. Once again I could no longer fight staying awake. I felt someone pushing the hospital bed down a long narrow hall. Where am I going? I stifle a yawn.... What did they inject me with? So tired .... What did they mean by wrong? Again, so tired ......... Am I going to die? I close my eyes no longer caring, maybe it wouldn't be much longer before death overcame me. I no longer tried to fight the urge to stay awake, maybe it was fate that left me in this state of pain. My soft brown hair cushioned my head like a pillow making sleep even more tempting. I let the heavy slumber win as I began to spiral in the dark until I was no longer aware of the pain.