• Marcus Nichols

Orlando Shooting Survivors' Medical Bills Covered at No Cost

Florida Hospitals and health departments are not charging money for any survivor that was injured in the Orlando nightclub shooting. According to orlandosentinel.com, the hospitals were said to have paid a total of 5.5 million dollars in medical bills. Many charities and businesses have donated money to these hospitals to cover the cost of the “out-of-pocket medical expenses.” This same website also went on to say, “Orlando Regional Medical Center treated 44 of the more than 50 victims who needed immediate medical attention from the June 12 attack that killed 49 people.”

Most of the charges and costs of these medical bills were sent to the patients’ insurance companies. Orlando Health spokesman, Kena Lewis, goes on to say, “bills will be sent to health insurers for patients who had coverage, but whatever those policies don't cover will be absorbed by the hospital chain.”