• Taylor Faircloth

North Korea Claims they are Finally Able to Strike

North Korea is celebrating their first successful test of a submarine – launched missile. “The country's leader — Kim Jong Un — says the U.S. mainland is now within striking range of his nuclear weapons.” A former U.S. investigator with North Korea, Joel Wit, says he’s concerned, but not worried. "Because — despite this success — we’re not within striking range of their nuclear weapons."

A threat concerning the U.S. does not yet exist; there’s no evidence that North Korea has been able to miniaturize their nuclear weapons to fit into a warhead. The North Korean missile only appears to have a range of about 600 miles, but Wit says there is cause for concern, "because this is just one more step in terms of steady progress that North Korea is making in building nuclear weapons and building missiles to deliver them.”

“I’m concerned, and I think it should be ongoing concern for everyone.” The biggest concern, says Wit, is that North Korea is working to develop a working Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, or ICBM. “If they get that thing working then they will be able to reach the United States, and that, of course, is a serious concern for all of us.”