• Devin Fleming and Emily Harrell

Kidnap Review

The new movie Kidnap comes out in early December. With Halle Berry being the only famous actor on set, the movie will have to rely on her talent and popularity for it to become in the top 100 in the box-office.

The director, Luis Prieto, and writer, Knate Lee, made the movie with a budget of $21,000,000; the development of the movie began in 2009, and the filming began on October 27, 2014.

The movie is about a mother who is fighting to save her abducted son. The story starts with the mother, Karla McCoy, playing Marco Polo with her son Frankie, when suddenly he is kidnapped by a stranger.

When the police refuse to help Karla with her son’s abduction, she decides to take it into her own hands. Karla is going down the highway when she suddenly sees the car that took her son and reverses on the highway to chase down the vehicle.

Would you do the same for your child if you in this situation?

Kidnap is coming out December 2 ,2016. The film has not yet been rated.