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Today in History: Dorothy's Journey Debuts

Everyone knows of the classic old story book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz written by L. Frank Baum. The story line being a young girl named Dorothy, along with her loyal dog Toto, being swept up by a tornado and landing in the unknown world of Oz where her magical journey home begins. There have been nine adaptations of the famous book, but the first one after the book was the movie The Wizard of Oz. The movie was debuted in the United States this day, August 25, 1939, seventy-five years ago.

This movie gained a lot of popularity since the day it was shown to the public. This grew drastically after The Wizard of Oz was broadcast through television. It is said on history.com that there was an estimated 45 million people that watched this masterpiece and has been shown many times since. The movie was also one of twenty-five other films to be on the National Film Registry.

After the big hit with the movie, sequels were made to follow up on the adventures of Dorothy. The first being Journey Back to Oz, in 1974, which tells of Dorothy’s, well, return to Oz. Unlike, the first movie though, this sequel was animated. The next follow-up movie takes a bit of a darker turn then ones that preceded it. Return to Oz made its way to films in 1985 with a dark feeling to it as Dorothy comes back again to Oz, but it’s not as joyful as the first movie. Many other adaptations of The Wizard of Oz were made adopting the story of the book or the first film.

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