• Taylor Faircloth

Turkey's Military is Targeting the Islamic State

Turkey sent tanks and special forces over its southern border with Syrian on August 24, 2016. Turkey and Syrians’ efforts are to try and capture an Islamic State and to push Kurdish forces from the area. “The military operation, which signaled Turkey's increased involvement in Syria's civil war, began at 4 a.m., as Turkish artillery launched intense fire on Jarablus and Turkish warplanes bombed Islamic State targets in the town, according to state-run Anadolu Agency. Wednesday's push into Syria was backed by air cover from U.S.-led coalition planes.”

Turkey has vowed to cleanse Islamic State militants from its borders. The following weekend there was a suicide bombing at a Kurdish wedding in southern Turkey that killed at least 54 people, many of which were children. Turkey blames the Islamic State for the attack, although no one has claimed responsible yet. “U.S. forces supporting anti-Islamic State operations in Syria are working with the YPG, which Turkey considers a terrorist group seeking Kurdish independence.” The U.S. is very involved in this crisis that is building up.