• Taylor Walker

Grisly Murder, FSU Student Arrested

A Florida State University sophomore and member of Alpha Delta Phi fraternity, Austin Harrouff is accused of brutally stabbing two people and biting a man’s face in Tequesta near his hometown of Jupiter on Monday night.

He had been acting strange for days according to his mother, and also had been saying "he had superpowers,” according to a police report released Wednesday.

45 minutes after he left Duffy’s restaurant, Harrouff was arrested in neighboring Martin county by sheriff deputies. The officers saw him mauling the body of John Stevens, a 59-year-old man. Harrouff attacked Stevens and his wife, Michelle Mishcon, randomly as they sat in their garage, stabbing them multiple of times.

It took several people to get Harrouff off the man, as he was apparently very strong, but also while this conflict was going on Austin was making animal-like noises. He even stabbed a neighbor who tried to intervene.

Harouff was tested for any drugs and came out negative, but further tests will determine whether he had ingested synthetic drugs such as flakka, or bath salts. Autopsies on both of the victims ruled their deaths as "homicides," and found that each died of blunt trauma. They had multiple stabbings, blunt force, and slicing wounds.