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Election Update: Where are the TV Ads?

One thing that stands out so far in this presidential election is the lack of television advertisements for either candidate and especially Republican candidate, Donald Trump. This has led to fewer dollars for local television stations.

According to ajc.com, “Since late April, when Donald Trump effectively secured the Republican nomination, $146 million has been spent in the presidential race by all sponsors, compared with $373 million over the same period in 2012.” According this same report, overall spending in the presidential election is down by around 60 percent.

One of the reasons Democrats haven’t spent as much on advertising is that the primary season on the Democratic side lasted longer than usual. According to washingtonpost.com, Hillary Clinton defeated Bernie Sanders and secured the nomination on June 6, 2016. If she had been the official Democratic nominee earlier, her campaign and other sponsors would have likely spent more on national ads.

On the other hand, Republican nominee, Donald Trump, has focused more on social media in order to spread his message. However, he is expected to release new television ads soon. According to the AJC, “Trump's campaign is expected to run its first TV ads in the coming days and could spend more now.”

Because she is winning in the polls currently, Clinton has begun to pull ads in certain battleground states. Lately, her campaign has spent the most money on ads in the battleground state of Florida.

Although as the race heats both candidates are likely to begin spending more on television advertisements, according to the AJC, “that won't make up for four months of lost revenue.”

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Research for this article was taken from ajc.com and washingtonpost.com