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Unnecessary Mishap: Man Strangled in Fulton County Jail by Cellmate

A 26-year-old man, DeMontae Ware, was killed in a Fulton County Jail in September 2014, but he should have been released months earlier. He was strangled by his cellmate. Earlier this month, his mother filed a lawsuit against jail workers and Sheriff Ted Jackson, among others.

According to ajc.com, Ware “had been arrested a year earlier by Georgia Tech police and charged with criminal trespass and public indecency, both misdemeanors.” The charges were dropped because Ware suffered from schizophrenia and completed a required program. Three months after completing this program, Ware, who was still in jail at the time, was strangled by a new cellmate, Bobby Wynn.

Wynn, who had threatened to kill his last cellmate, strangled Ware to death within three hours of moving into Ware’s cell. He was reportedly a bipolar schizophrenic, himself, and had been arrested seven times over the course of three years for various violent acts.

Ware’s mother is now suing the county sheriff, the jail, as well as the jail’s healthcare provider, for failing to protect her son’s safety, according to the AJC. “He should have been released … and been home with us,” Ware’s stepfather said. According to same AJC article, the jail was “overcrowded and understaffed, and with faulty locks on the jail’s cells, inmates could wander unimpeded.”

As a result of Ware’s unnecessary death, many in the community are calling for the expansion of treatment centers other than jail for individuals such as Ware who suffer from mental illness.

Research for this article was taken from ajc.com and dailyreportonline.com