• Senior, Kaitlyn Berry

The Seniors' First and Last Pep-Rallies

The Seniors' First and Last Pep Rallies

As of 8/19/16, the Class of 2017 attended their first pep-rally of their last high school year career. The seniors received their T-shirts, and spirit rags in the early morning and prepared for the fun. Although the seniors didn’t win the spirit contest, they made up for it by joining in on singing the Cairo tradition Alma Mater.

The first part of the spirit contest was between 4 football players representing each class. They had to eat a plate full of Spaghetti in just 1 minute. The sophomores won both parts of the spirit contest, causing quite a upset for the seniors.

The Seniors reminisced about their first pep- rally spirit contest as freshman, when the current seniors at that time released balloons to distract them; in which the seniors won. Thinking back to freshman year,it seems as if it was only yesterday to some seniors.

The last year for the class of 2017 will be bittersweet, But a year the seniors will never forget. The friday night lights, pep-rallies, baseball games, soccer games, clubs, Etc.. will all be missed and remembered as some of the best years of seniors lives. As advice from a senior, to whoever may be reading this who is still in high school; do not waste your high school career on unimportant things such as relationships, and fights, focus on the important things. Make your last year, your best year.