• R&B Staff

Playstation Evolution: Big Changes Ahead

Playstation is getting ready to make major changes to its popular console, PS4. They will soon be releasing a cheaper, smaller version of the console, which will then replace and become the new standard model. According to bgr.com, “The console features a matte finish and has a 500GB inside.”

Sony is also releasing a more expensive version called which, according to usatoday.com is “code-named ‘Neo.’” According to multiple news sources, the product will be revealed to customers at a media event on September 7, 2016.

Playstation is also getting ready to release its first virtual reality headset called Playstation VR. It will be released in October and will be priced at $399. The Playstation 4 is currently being sold online by Walmart with two packaged games for $369, so for just about thirty more dollars, customers can experience a new way to play video games.

According to usatoday.com, Playstation is the current “frontrunner in video game sales.” Microsoft Xbox has long been its main competitor in the video game market. Microsoft is also reportedly getting ready to launch its own premium, “high end” version of the Xbox console, called “Project Scorpio.”

Research for this article was taken from usatoday.com, Walmart.com, bgr.com.