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Are Smoothies Good For You?

Are smoothies good for you? Some smoothies really have lots of sugar. The healthiest way to enjoy a smoothie is to make your own. To keep your smoothies healthy as possible, avoid putting more calories in the form of sugar. To keep it healthy, use fresh fruit, frozen fruit, or fruit canned in water.

Not all smoothies have to contain sweet fruits. There are some people that have smoothies that are too sweet and not healthy at all, and then there are some people who go to the extreme, health-wise. There is a way to compromise, however: Have a smoothie that tastes good and is also healthy.

There are smoothies that are green and don’t look so great, but the green comes from the kale or spinach or whatever green vegetable you apply. The good tastes come from the good fruits.

Here are a few healthy, delicious suggestions from the web: http://dailyburn.com/life/recipes/healthy-green-smoothie-recipes/

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