• Rachel Jowers, Taylor Faircloth

Syrup City Doughnuts: A Local Delicacy

Starting with the glazed donut,Rachel and Taylor talk about their experience with Syrup City Doughnuts.

Rachel: In simple or not so simple words, I would consider Syrup City Doughnut’s glazed donut to be… a yummy-good for any occasion-superb-fantastical-dreamy-pleasuring-mouthwatering-heavenly-worthy of the gods-kind-of-donut.

Taylor: What Rachel is really trying to say is that Syrup City has amazing donuts that are definitely worth your money.

Rachel: … Buzz kill.

Taylor: Anyways, the Syrup City Donut Shop needs to always continue selling their delicious and mouthwatering donuts.

Rachel: I said that! The other amaaaaaaaazing donut I had there was the one with CHOCOLATE on it *flashback to eating the donut*…

Taylor: Well, the chocolate glazed donut was to me even better than the original glazed. The chocolate was so delicious as it melted in your mouth!

Rachel: Seriously though, Syrup City Doughnuts is an amazing local donut shop, located near the school. They make many specialty items, including my personal favorite, the E-Claire.

Taylor: The chocolate éclair with crème filling was the highlight of almost all the donuts. You’d think it’d be a little too sweet, which for some people it is, but for me it was heaven. It all blended in my mouth perfectly.

Rachel: So there you go, if you haven’t already go check it out! You won’t regret it.

Taylor: Even if you’ve already been go again, not just because of the amazing donuts but also the wonderful people that own it. And if you go and don’t want your donut I’m sure you can find me and generously hand it over.

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