• By: Jah'Nyia Mills

Totally Worth It!

I’m pretty sure you all read my previous article, "Apps for Abs." If you haven’t, it’s basically about the 5 top fitness apps. I think they’re great workout apps! Since then, I decided to take a visist to Wendy’s in Thomasville, Georgia on Saturday August 13th,2016, and try the new Baconator Fries!

If you work out on a regular basis and try to take care of yourself, I think we can all agree you deserve a little treat every now and then. In that case, I think you all should try the Baconator fries from Wendy’s! It’s French fries with melted cheese all over them and real bacon sprinkled on top (they’re bigger than bacon bites, so no worries).

In terms of nutrition, I should let you know that the Baconator has 490 Calories, 250 Calories from fat, Total fat(g):28, Saturated fat(g):9, Trans Fat(g):0, Polyunsaturated fat(g):9, Monounsaturated fat(g):8, Cholesterol(mg):35, Sodium(mg):550, Potassium(mg):760, carbohydrates(g):45, Sugar(g):2, Vitamin A(%DV):6, Vitamin C(%DV):20, Calcium (%DV):15, Iron (%DV):6, Fiber:4g and Protein:14g.

On the plus side, It only costs $1.99 and does give you 4 grams of fiber and 14 grams of protein. That's not bad for a "cheat" meal.

I promise it’s totally worth it!

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