• Vallicia Clark

Muslim-American medalist: The America I love is inclusive

Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad will leave Rio de Janeiro with more than a bronze medal; she will leave knowing that she made history.

Muhammad is the first American athlete to compete in the Olympics wearing a hijab. She then became the first American women to earn a medal at the Olympics wearing a hijab when her team took home the bronze medal.

She did an interview with CNN’s “New Day”. She stated, “This has been a beautiful experience. This is the America I know and I love. The America that is inclusive, that is accepting and encompasses people from all walks of life.” She also went on to tell CNN, “What I love about my experience here as a minority member of Team USA is that I’m able to encourage other youth to pursue their dreams, to not let other people dictate their journey for them.”

The most important thing Muhammad loves about sports is that at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter about race, gender, or religion, but how talented you are.