• Zachery Bernabe contributing artist ms davis


Art classes are already putting their creative talents at CHS for this new school year.There is art on display in the main hall of all three blocks. the Drawing 1 class has landscape line drawings in which elements of art line is the dominate focus. Students were assigned to draw a landscape and fill in sections which different types of lines as close together as possible without touching. the landscapes are on the bulletin board outside of coach fallow's office and the results are amazing. the 3rd block art class is painting 1. the painting class learned about the color wheel the first week of class and also learned how to mix colors. the color wheels were painted ,cut out and then into creative eyeballs.the color wheel eyes are on displayed in the hall and each students personal touch that makes it their own unique design. the 4th block art class in art comprehensive 1. this class is for the student that artist piet Mondrian. Mondrian painted non-representation are using geometrical shapes and primary colors. the students painted their own version of a Mondrian painting and they are colorfully displayed in the main hall. ms Davis who is a new art teacher here at Cairo high school but not new to the county . she has been teaching art at the elementary schools for many years and has also taught at Washington middle school. she is excited to be at CHS and has many new projects planed for this school year. so enjoy the art in the halls and look for more to come