• Red & Black Staff

How Music Heals the Soul

Music can be very helpful to the brain but also a healing tool. For example, when someone gets upset or mad, music can help calm them down. Researchers and neurosciences analysis has determined that certain neural pathways in the brain react almost exclusively to music of any sort. Also, music is pleasing to the mind, and it helps mellow out the mind.

Music can be extremely useful for mental healing and good for someone’s well-being. Music has the power to affect our feelings and moods but also can change someone’s mood. When someone is stressed out, just listening to music can mellow out and ease the mind a bit. Sometimes it is best to just "chill" and calm down, and listen to music, so you’re not so angry or upset. No one wants to be around someone who has a down spirit all the time. So listening to music can improve a person's mood, and also help them live a better life.

When it comes to music of any type, it can tell life stories and relate to some life stories other people have had. It can also help some people understand how to handle things. In the modern world of constant panic and informational bombardment, music can be very helpful. It also helps lower levels of anxiety, engage in distraction free meditation, and find the proper mindset of getting things done.

My opinion on music is that it is very great; it does help ease the mind. Especially with me having anxiety, it helps calm me down and helps me relax and get my mind off things that trigger me. Music helps me feel better when I’m upset or mad; it changes my mood. Music also brings out someone’s true person or feelings and gets people in great moods such as me. I’m very grateful that they have music around.