• Jasmine Luna

Tragedy: Roswell Shooting

Two teenagers were shot to death in Fulton County by the names Natalie Henderson and Carter Davis. The two teenagers, both 17 were found dead around 6 a.m. They were shot in the head and bodies were found behind the king plaza Publix, on Woodstock Road by a delivery driver.

Hazelwood is now being held in Fulton County jail, where he’s scheduled for his hearing. In the courtroom, his attorney spoke briefly but refused to discuss further details about him. Investigators also declined to discuss a possible motive or if the suspect knew the teenagers.

When he appeared in court last Friday, his behavior was eccentric. For example, he sometimes looked into the air and mumbled to himself. He also reportedly appeared to be petting something in his lap and never said a word to the judge.

Jeffrey Hazelwood is being charged with two counts of murder, aggravated assault, theft, ID fraud and possessions of a firearm.

Hazelwood is due to appear back in court August 19.