• Taylor Faircloth

'The Shallows'

In this summer thriller, Blake Lively makes you bite your nails and your heart beat out of your chest through the entire 86 minutes.

“Just in time for summer beach season, Blake Lively is facing a killer shark in a new thriller,”according to the New York Daily News. Although often compared to the classic, Jaws, director Collet-Serra has created a new, original take on the classic, as Nancy, played by Blake Lively, shows her skills and commitment to survive.

Critics agree Collet-Serra has a beautiful sense of scenery. The Shallows has been said to be the best shark movie since Jaws. With all of its intensity and excitement, there are still critics. “For all its skills, the shark turns out to be a pretty thin hook on which to hang a less-than-90-minute movie," according to The New York Times. According to the New York Post, “The shark was more interesting than Blake Lively."

Overall, The Shallows is definitely worth your money. “It was a gut wrenching, edge of your seat kind of movie,” said a former RNB staff member.