• Junior, Madison Campbell

Original Fiction: The Thorns Of Xena


The thunder rolled all throughout the hills, leaving flashes of lightning in their path. Rain dispersed from the sky, opening up like a scroll and making everything nearly invisible. I exited a gas station and unfolded my umbrella, stepping out into the strong winds.

I made it to the sidewalk, ready to cross the street, when my only shield flew out of my grasp, so I was left vulnerable to the needles of rain and the chill of gusty wind.

My coat no longer held in my warmth, but instead it welcomed the cold. I bent down for any sign of my umbrella, but I knew the blustery winds had won.

I crossed the street, unable to see the other side, while my thoughts began to drift in a new direction. I wondered how everyone had a place in this world and most importantly what my purpose was on this dreadful earth. Distracted by the thoughts raging war in my mind, I didn't take notice until it was too late.

Lights flashed before my eyes as a loud, devastating horn exploded my ears. I turned my head to find a car headed in my direction. Unable to stop from the rain on the road, they began to hydroplane towards me at top speed. I wanted to move, but my feet were planted to the road. I was left option-less as the car struck me, leaving my body tumbling in the air like a weightless feather.

It felt like forever before I hit the ground, and when I did the air was knocked from my chest, leaving me winded. As an overwhelmingly numb feeling coursed through my limbs, the car came to a screeching halt.

A young, dark haired figure came closer, and I realized our ages were nearly the same. The rain seemed to strike everything forcefully - or was that my pounding head? The figure knelt down on his knees grabbing my wrist and searching for a pulse. I took this time to my advantage, gazing into his icy blue eyes and perfectly set jaw before I was snapped back into reality.

My body began to go into shock, and I felt the wave of nausea: blood had begun to leak from my damaged body. I suddenly became alert to the fact that the rain had mixed with my blood, making an iron scent float to my nose. I began to drift between consciousness and asleep.

This person could no longer keep me awake in this world.

I could hear the wailing of sirens in the distance before I fell into the dark lonely night...