• Taylor Walker

Movie Review: Lights Out

Previously, a movie called “Lights Out” came out in theaters. I went and watched it with my friend, and we both enjoyed it. It’s a horror/mystery movie and its really interesting ,but also scary at the same time . Its more of an exciting scare I would say. The writer’s are Eric Heisserer, and David F. Sandburg.

This movie is about a mysterious female figure in the dark that disappears when the lights are turned on. Also whom suddenly gets closer when the lights go back out. Although this mysterious woman was once in a mental hospital and met someone whom she liked and called her friend and grew attached to. After awhile the female figure became dangerous and harmful, to her friends AND family.

My opinion on this movie is that it is a very great thriller. In different parts of the movie it gave me a good scare and I jumped. I think people would honestly like this movie if they love horror movies like I do. Just watch out when the lights go out!