• Zachery Bernabe

Apple Vs. Android

There are a lot of phones out there, but there are only two big companies: Apple and Android. There are many differences between these two companies. For example, Apple's app store is closed-source, and Android's is open-source, which means it is harder for an app or update to be approved for Apple. Android is also more vulnerable to hacks and viruses than Apple.

When using Apple and Android, a customer can hack his or her phone; for Apple it's called jailbreaking, and for Android it's called rooting. When rooting or jailbreaking a customer can then get apps, music, and other things for free. A customer can also customize his or her phone even more using a root or jailbreak.

There is a big debate on which company is better, but they are both amazing phones, so it's the customer's choice on which to pick.