• Rose Rosalia

Original Fiction: "Love at the Bus Ramp"

As I walk in there he is, Tristin saving me a seat like always. Hi Chey he says so sweetly. As I look in to his blue eyes, I melt. His hair shining in the light, I get a feeling so sweet I can’t help but smile.

Oh No, here comes Lurinda, wanting in the conversation like always. Soon Tristin had to go to class. I told Lurinda I really do like Tristin. I was ok telling her at first until the end of the day. Lurinda pulled Tristin aside to talk him. After they were done talking they started to talking to me again. Then Tristin’s bus came. I was going to give him a high five like usual but “no he wanted a hug,” so I gave him one.

Lurinda! What were you talking about with Tristin? She said “well I asked him did he like you Chey. He said he does, can you believe that?! Then I told him that’s great cause she likes you back.”

I was really mad but relieved. The next day we were at the bus ramp and I gave him a note. I told him not to read it until he was on the bus. He smiled and said “okay.” As his bus pulled up, he gave me a hug and said see you Monday an he got on the bus. I wonder if he will say yes or no. I will find out Monday.

Monday was too long of a wait, I really want to know. I was waiting, and waiting… so I went to go stay with a couple of friends. Saturday night I went home and logged into my Facebook, and realized he texted me saying “I have an answer for you.” I said “What’s your answer then?” He said “My answer is yes and I was going to ask you that question.” He said if we break up we can still be friends. He said yes to going out with me! (Yay!)

We got together Aug. 24 and we were as happy as we could be… until I found out he still had feelings for his ex Keylee. He promised he would never leave me for her, so that’s what I believed.

Soon it was fall break, and then something happened and I was gone for four days. Wednesday was the day I got home. Next day I went to school and we had chorus practice and at the end of chorus practice he said we needed to talk. Something terrible was coming my way, I just didn’t know it yet.

He broke up with me, I said “Ok” with a fake smile. His words were “Chey I love you but I still have feelings for Keylee.” So we broke up Oct.9. I was so hurt that I couldn’t bare it. A couple of weeks later he was back with Keylee.

My heart was crippled by pain still, but it got easier. The time we spent made me happy, but it was time to forget and keep moving forwards, and my real love is coming soon, when I mean soon I’m mean when I’m older. So I say good –bye to him now just being friends.

Me an Tristin were hanging out at school just hitting each other like always having fun like usual. Things still aren’t the same. It’s still isn’t the same me and him are so different now. Why do things have to change between us?

The next day I asked him why we act so weird around each other. I don’t like we don’t talk like we use to before we got together. It kills me that we can’t act normal. We should be old friends again; the agony kills me. Tristin says “I know” but so what it doesn’t matter anymore. I walked away upset like I was tortured.

I was tired of all the pain he caused, it’s sickening. We were so close at one point but yet so far. Why did it have to come to this, just why, but its ok for now. The 3rd week was awesome, Tristin and I are over and he is gone to the high school now, I won’t have to see him till next year.