• Red and Black staff

Movie Review: Finding Dory

Finding Dory came out June 17th 2016. The movie worldwide got a lot of money. They made 831 million bucks at the box office. Finding Dory was directed by two men named Andrew Stanton and Angus Macland. They even managed to make it on Pixar Disney.

First thing that happened was the blue fish, Dory, as a little fish was playing with her parents. While playing hide and seek Dory got lost. Dory sufferers from short term memory loss .Years later Dory wakes up from a dream and she saw flashbacks of her parents. Marlin and Nemo wake up to dory missing. Dory starts an epic adventure to find them. Her journey brings her to the Marine Life Institute, a lab that houses hurt ocean species. Dory now knows that her family get together will only happen if she can save mom and dad from a tank.

My opinion on finding dory is it was a good movie. I recommend watching it. There’s funny parts, sad parts, and interesting parts.