• by A' Maya Burney

NJROTC Update Fall 2016

Here are the fun facts about this program I will be providing you with. ROTC has so many fun things that you may want to hear about, but I will be only talking about three of them. Students at CHS may like the following things. ROTC teams, pt. wear and exercise, and Friday night games.

There are many teams here in the ROTC unit. Our main team in this unit is the drill team. This is a team where cadets follow and march to cadents given by their commander. On the rifle team you may learn a new skill. In this particular thing you have to shoot at the target shown and make it in order to move on or help your team win. There’s also an exhibition team. This team will drill and coordinate around cadents to make an exhibition. They also perform these cadents at our pass and review we have every year here at Cairo high. Our academic team is the most relaxing team here in this unit. They attend different brain brawls and other things that deal with academic things. Cadets learn to use the good knowledge and skills to win a game or move to another challenge. Cadets are always competing against other teams.

Teens hate doing exercises, but in ROTC I can assure you that you will enjoy it. In the ROTC program cadets wear particular gear while exercising. Gear is ordered every year in the same color but in a different in a different style. For the year of 2016 and 17 cadets will wear red shirts with white stripes on the side with a black writing. Bottoms are black with a white CHS logo on it. ROTC exercises are considered of daily warmups, 7, 8 count body builders, and one or two runs around the CHS parking lot. Cadets will exercise every Friday following up with a pumped activity.

This part of ROTC is the most exciting thing a cadet in this would want to be a part of. Cadets in this unit will be providing assistance to the people at the football games, which is called parking detail. Cadets are asked to wear there ROTC PT gear. This is to keep all cadets away and divided from any outsider. Cadets are assigned to a particular part in the parking lot. They are to stay there send cars down until they are told to move on to another position. When the game starts; cadets will

stay and help park more cars until they are called off duty. A simple brief is made about how well or bad the cadets did on getting cars in and parked. After brief is finished each cadet gets a free pass to enter the game. How cool is that.

Come on out and join the fun. Remember, "No cadet is left behind!"