• By Jah'Nyia Mills

Is Zacadoo’s better than Zaxby’s & Mr.Chick?

On Saturday July 30th, 2016 I took a little visit to a new restaurant in Thomasville G.A. called Zacadoo’s on 1536 East Jackson St. It was really good, but it tasted a little like Zaxby’s. I ordered off the kids menu because I really don’t eat that much so I got two chicken tenders, fires & a drink which was $3.59 & my sister ordered a deluxe chicken sand which meal for $4.59.

There are two things I wouldn’t get & that’s the sweet tea because they don’t make it sweet enough & I like my sweet tea REALLYYYY sweet & the barbeque sauce, unless you really like the taste of brown sugar. The service was great & fast. I would really like to try the Chicken Teriyaki & fried rice bowl. It sounds really delicious, but everything that sounds good doesn’t mean it is good. I must say their chicken tenders are really tender, crispy & juicy.

I would also like to try their Breakfast Beverages; I think it’s like where you can get one meat, sausage or bacon, grits & scrambled eggs. I think you guys should really try it, it’s worth your money. Just don’t forget what I told you about the sweet tea & barbeque sauce. Some people like un sweet tea & the taste of brown sugar, so if you are one of those people then go for it! They’re open from 6am to 8pm.

A lot of people write great reviews about the Chicken Teriyaki & fried rice bowl & the Eggs, grits, sausage & cheese in the cup (Breakfast Beverages). They also talk about how nice & neat the restaurant is & how the prices are very affordable. The employees are very nice & sweet! No it's not better than Mr.Chick ,but it taste similar to Zaxby's . Again I think you guys should give it a shot!