• Sophomore, Samantha Contreras

Everything you need to know about the World Cup Series

The World Cup is an International Soccer Association (FIFA) that was founded and organized its first tournament in 1930. Every four (4) years The International Soccer Association host the World Cup in any part of the world, they plans the games for the international teams competing from Africa all the way to South America, to qualify for The World Cup, based on lowest ranks first. Two hundred and nine teams (209) participate to try and qualify, but of those two hundred and nine, only thirty-two make it (32) to the final round.


The upcoming World Cup will be held in Russia ,2018. It’s expected to have many visitors and viewers from around the world. In 2010, the games were hosted in Africa, famous artist Shakira performed at the opening ceremony and also wrote a song to sponsor the games! In 2014, the games were hosted in Brazil, there was an estimated 3.2 billion viewers, watching from their home, 1 billion actually traveled to Brazil to experience the thrill of the games.


Currently there has been much debate going on as to where the USA stands in qualifying for The World Cup. After their lost to win with Guatemala, USA fans were on the helm of their seat, worried their team had been cut from the play, but recent reports have stated that USA is ranked 25th, one point ahead of Guatemala, so as of right now, USA fans can breath for their team still qualifies. Though there is no doubt that the biggest rivals all the teams will face is against Germany, they won The World Cup in 2014 and have a reputation for winning their games.