16-year-old detained after planning to commit murder at a predominantly black church

According to ABC News, on Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2019, a 16-year-old female was arrested and charged after someone found her "detailed plan to commit murder" at Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Gainesville, Ga.

Police have not revealed the details but said that the church had been "targeted by the juvenile based on the racial demographic of the church members."

School administrators were notified of the planned attack after students found the notebook belonging to the teenager which laid out the plan. This prompted them to contact the counselors at Gainesville High School.

The school conducted an investigation, and after verifying the threat, turned the investigation over to the police.

Superintendent Dr. Jeremy Williams said that he was "stunned" after the arrest. "A single act by a student does not represent the views and beliefs of Gainesville City School System. As a school system that celebrates our diversity, we are beyond stunned with the recent development," Williams told ABC News, "However, we are extremely proud of our students notifying school administration of a possible off-campus threat."

The police notified the church and have said that the threat is now under control. The teenager has been transported to the Regional Youth Detention Center.