16 people found in trailer heading to Ireland

According to officials,16 people were recently discovered inside of a truck traveling from France to Ireland on a ferry.

They were discovered on a Stena Line ferry which was traveling to Rosslare, Ireland, from Cherbourg, France. According to a statement from Ian Hampton, Stena Line’s Chief People and Communications Officer, they were sealed inside of a trailer on the deck of the ferry.

“All the individuals are reported to be in good health and have been moved to a private passenger lounge on the ship where their well-being is the focus of our employees,” Hampton said in a statement.

Immigration officials in Rosslare were alerted so that the proper procedures and arrangements could be made for their arrival on Thursday.

On Wednesday, it was reported that 25 other individuals were found inside of a refrigerated container on a ferry heading to Felixstowe, England.

This follows months after 39 Vietnamese nationals were found dead inside of a trailer in the early hours of October 23.

British police have charged Maurice Robinson, a man from Northern Ireland, with conspiracy to traffic people and 39 counts of manslaughter. Three other people have since been released on bail.

Another man from Northern Ireland was also arrested on a British warrant, and police have since been attempting to bring him to the U.K to face manslaughter charges.